Bison Seqtech is a bioinformatics company with a solid scientific foundation. Engaging with Bison Seqtech means that your company can benefit directly from the latest developments in technology and bioinformatics expertise as well as access to top-100 high performance compute systems.

Bison Seqtech specializes in helping Life Science organisations get more value and usable knowledge from their resources and data. Our services include the entire process from designing experiments to obtaining solutions to complex problems through our expertise in generating, sorting, managing, integrating and analysing data.

The company is founded and run by researchers leading in their fields and situated at the University of Copenhagen.

Bent Petersen

Co-founder, PhD, Associate Professor

Bent Petersen is an Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

Bent has years of experience within Bioinformatics, Computational biology, DNA Sequencing, NGS data analysis, metagenomics, protein structure prediction and Genome assembly of Bacteria, insects, mammals, metagenomics samples, parasites and highly complex organisms.

Currently, he is working within the area of metagenomics using Next Generation Sequencing technologies. He has worked on many exciting projects spanning from Ancient horses to modern breeds, Extinct animals, Malaria parasites and metagenomics samples from exotic places.

Thomas Sicheritz Ponten

Co-founder, PhD, Professor

Thomas Sicheritz Ponten is a professor at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

He has been working in the genome/metagenome sequencing field for over 20 years, starting in 1996 when he built the bioinformatics infrastructure for the first published Scandinavian genome project (R.prowazekii). His primary interests are microbial genome analysis, metagenomics, marine biotechnology, machine learning approaches, microbial pathway prospecting and the detection and study of lateral gene transfers.